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When I was living in Chianti, I used to go to Florence for two reasons only: to teach or visit museums . It was then that I realized that artists are like sponges: we always take something from what we approach. From literature I learned how many facets a text can show, in how many ways a story can be told.
My work is like a novel, a personal and at the same time universal journey journal, an extraordinary tale for adults.
With my paint brushes , for a kind of alchemic freak, I open doors on fantastic worlds and with humour and good heart I devote myself to my work with the same concern of a medieval map-maker. I feel like reading a book where words are images , and words are simply enigmatic and visionary tytles.
My work is like a book opened to any interpretation, poetically ironical but with a strict logic of casualty: the meaning hints among images, it seems to disappear and all of a sudden here it comes, mysterious and clear: beautiful ladies, never told story- tales characters, lazy obese masks, animals, magic and everyday's tools, forgotten civilisations and rites, belonging to long ago or still to come ages.

Extreme fantasy in an outburst of forms.

Fabrizio Riccardi




19 settembre 2015 Ulaanbaatar Art Gallery di Wisla Poland

Magical Dreams III, Szczyrk Poland


ArtHebda, Houthalen - Helchteren , Belgium

Fabrizio Riccardi - via Bonsignore, 2 - 10131 Torino, ITALIA - fax 011 8198599 - cell 347 2540504 - fathius@gmail.com