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Songes Drôlatiques

Fabrizio Riccardi discovered Rabelais and The Droll Dreams of Pantagruel in 2004. This encounter inspired Riccardi to give new life to the Dreams' five-hundred-years old characters, who despite their age continue to be powerful, fresh and poignant in the 21st century.
"I like to think of myself as an interpreter of dreams. As such, I like to interpret Rabelais's droll, or eccentric dreams, in an eccentric fashion - as though I had always known these characters".

The artist master fully revisits the characters with color and depth, bringing them to three-dimension life in a dreamlike, burlesque atmosphere, with the flavor of caricature. He creates a fabulously lush, twisted and bizarre virtual theater stage that inspires, intrigues, and challenges the viewer's emotions and taste. 120 tables (38x46 cm.) with barmy characters, whom one can encounter at any time and at any place.


Fabrizio Riccardi - via Bonsignore, 2 - 10131 Torino, ITALIA - fax 011 8198599 - cell 347 2540504 - fathius@gmail.com