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Fabrizio Riccardi was born in Rome on March 18 , 1942; ten years later he moved with his family to Turin where he attended the Liceo Artistico dell'Accademia Albertina; in 1961 he enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture but dropped out in 1966 in order to settle in Chianti, at San Casciano Val di Pesa: here he got married and had two children, Costanza and Mathias, and alternated his artistic activity with teaching.
He has been on study stays in USA, France, Switzerland and Belgium where he encountered a good deal of appreciarion from criticizing operating in the fantastic and visionary area.

In 1975, sponsored by Luigi Carluccio, the "La mela verde" Gallery of Turin published "Il Bestiario di Fabrizio Riccardi " .
In 1980 he went to live in the historic centre of Florence where the world of gnomes, masks and grotesque animals was enriched, after studies about Renassaiment's art, by madonnas, pages and jesters. In 1993,after his marriage with Fantaye Ashengo, he moved back to Turin where he is still living and working.

Fabrizio Riccardi's pictures are permanently exhibited at the C.F.M. Gallery of New York, at Galerie Brueghel in Amsterdam, at Galerie Alternance Hardelot, inFrance without forgetting Vaas Foudation of Vence and Centro d'Arte del Ponte,Susa , in Italy.

From 1997 Jean-Pierre Giraudo's artistic organization shows his works in Africa, New Caledonia and Emirati Arabi.
In 2000 le Centre Internationale de l'Art Fantastique de Gruyère, in Switzerland, acquired a number of his works for a permanent exhibition at the Arte Fantastica Museum.
In 2002 for his fourty years of work, with regards of his wife Fantaye, he published for Edizioni Polistampa in Florence "La Sindrome dell'Onirico".

Fabrizio Riccardi masterpieces can be found mainly in France at the "Galerie Alternance Hardelot" and in Italy at the "Davico Arte" Gallery....

Recently he was awarded the following prizes : in 2011 bronze medal, La Societe' des Artistes Francais, Le Salon de Paris
In 2012 silver medal, La Societe' des Artistes Francais, Le Salon de Paris , and also the Grand Prix of the Lower Normandy Regional Council.



Fabrizio Riccardi - via Bonsignore, 2 - 10131 Torino, ITALIA - fax 011 8198599 - cell 347 2540504 - fathius@gmail.com